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Family Friendly Tours

Who wants to spend two weeks in one place when you can see more of the world in the same space of time and only unpack once? A family cruise is the perfect way to do just this. Inspire a little wanderlust in even the youngest of travellers and let them wake up to a new destination and view each morning. The kids will no longer have to dream about swimming with turtles or dolphins in the Caribbean, going on a dog-sledding adventure in Alaska, or visiting some of the largest water parks in the world, as a family cruise will give them the opportunity to do all this and more. With everything from snorkelling, scuba diving and paddle boarding to exploring private islands, there are excursions that will appeal to the whole family.

There are several ways to book shore excursions for the family. Some choose to book excursions via their cruise personaliser prior to getting on board, whilst others opt for a more DIY approach, making independent arrangements with shore tour operators. It is also possible to book excursions once you are on board, with cruise lines usually employing two shore excursion specialists on each ship to offer advice and book on your behalf. If you choose to book shore excursions once you are on board, your tickets will be issued to you upon booking and the cost will be added to your on board account.

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