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Night Nursery

Families who are cruising with very young children will be pleased to hear that many family cruise lines offer a babysitting service known as the ‘night nursery’. This service gives grown-ups the chance to enjoy some precious alone time, whilst the kids are under the watchful eye of trained staff in dedicated quiet zones on board.

You will need to check your child into the night nursery, advising staff of your intended whereabouts throughout the evening. Some cruise lines now provide parents with extra peace of mind, in the form of their own pager, which the nursery staff are able to buzz if your child becomes unsettled for any reason.

With your little one safely tucked in and under the watchful eye of specialist nursery staff, you are free to indulge in a meal at one of the ship’s speciality restaurants, before treating yourselves to a cocktail or two in a choice of nightspots. After all, it’s your holiday too!

The night nursery service is offered by many family cruise lines, although it is always very popular and spaces are often limited. Some offer the service at a small charge, whilst with others it is provided on a complimentary basis. Please speak to your Cruise Expert at Bolsover Cruise Club for specific information on the availability and cost of the night nursery service on your chosen ship.

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