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Adults Only

Just as the kids need a place to call their own, so do the grown-ups.

Dedicated ‘adult-only’ spaces are found on board many family cruise ships, offering a place to retreat when the family fun gets to raucous. Escape here and you’ll often find an adult-only pool, hot tubs, a bar and light-bites restaurant, plush shaded cabanas and plenty of sun-loungers on which to get comfy with your holiday read. Each cruise line incorporates their own version of this exclusive space, so speak to your Cruise Expert regarding the facilities aboard your chosen ship.

Other spaces that are strictly off-limits to children on board include bars, casinos and certain late-night comedy and theatre shows, all of which are clearly signed as age-restricted areas.

Adults-only cruises are voyages specifically designed for individuals aged 18 (or 21, depending on the cruise line’s policy) and over. These cruises cater particularly to couples, singles, and groups of friends seeking a travel experience without the noise and activities oriented towards children or teenagers. From elegant dinners to an array of mature entertainment and exclusive amenities, adults-only cruises offer an idyllic getaway for those who prefer to vacation in a more adult-oriented atmosphere.

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