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Dining Ashore

Getting a taste for the local cuisine is a huge part of going on holiday; we all love food!

Dining ashore opens up a world of flavours, from street food in Vietnam and New York, to authentic Italian cuisine in Rome or Venice, and Greek fare in the rustic tavernas of Santorini and Mykonos. You will have plenty of time to sample the signature dishes of your destination before heading back on board, so make sure you leave some room at breakfast.

Sometimes, overnight stays in port give you even more opportunity to get a taste for your destination. An example of this is Azamara, which includes an overnight stay on all of its cruise itineraries as part of its Destination Immersion Experience. Make the most of your overnight stay by venturing ashore to dine locally, soaking up the atmosphere as the lights go down and the city comes alive. Many cruise lines offer a similar experience, plus longer stays in port and even night tours.

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