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Staying Safe

There is nothing more exciting that heading abroad on holiday, but it’s important to bear in mind that there are dangers present abroad, just as there are at home.

Whether visited on a cruise holiday, a weekend city break or a land-based holiday, popular tourist traps do unfortunately present a risk of petty crime and pickpocketing. It is important to remain vigilant and use common sense whenever you are in port, taking care to bear in mind the following golden rules for staying safe:

Never take your passport ashore. Instead, make photocopies of your passport and other important travel documents, leaving the actual items safe and secure in your cabin safe whenever you venture out.

Generally speaking, you are advised to:

» Minimise the amount of jewellery/valuable items you wear

» Only take out the credit or debit cards you need

» Carry minimal cash wherever possible

» Keep expensive electric items out of sight

Medical Emergencies Ashore

Travellers with special medical requirements or allergies should consider putting together an ‘emergency kit’ of medications and supplies you need during your time ashore. This should be carried at all times whenever you are off the ship.

Thousands of cruise passengers take part in shore excursions every year and most run without incident. However, like in any situation, minor and major accidents can occur.

Here at Bolsover Cruise Club, we advise booking shore excursions through the cruise line you are travelling with or with a recommended shore tour specialist. Both of these options promise peace of mind, with the tour operators used subject to thorough vetting. If you do choose to arrange your shore excursions independently, always research first the tour provider and check out independent past reviews from other travellers before booking.

Also, it is important to bear in mind your own fitness levels when signing up to tours and to always pay attention to safety briefings before the tour begins.

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