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Daily Cruise Planners

Daily planners are used by almost all cruise lines and serve as a kind of nightly newspaper, delivered to your stateroom each evening by cabin stewards. The daily planner, or daily programme as it may also be known, is an important source of information during your time on board, telling you everything that is happening on board the ship the following day – entertainment, classes, port talks and restaurant times are amongst the subjects that feature. The back page of the planner often also features a section for offers, including special drinks offers, spa and salon deals and cocktails of the day.

The daily planner is an important source of information when planning your time in port and will show arrival and departure times, along with any information on planned tenders for the day. Shore excursion details will also be highlighted on the front of the planner for the following day, informing passengers where to meet and confirming the time of the tour. It may also highlight any necessary information regarding the excursion, including clothing requirements for ports and excursions to religious sites. The daily planner will also indicate whether passengers will require their passport or identity information when going ashore, and will advise on any closures or restrictions at key attractions in port.

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