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Even the most skilful suitcase stuffer is likely to need to do a little washing towards the end of a long cruise holiday. You will find self-service launderettes on board most cruise ships, some of which are coin operated, while others are free of charge. Washing powder and fabric conditioner is often available to buy in the launderette or the on board shop, and you’ll usually find that iron and ironing board are set up for use free of charge too.

In addition to a self-service launderette, most ships offer a full laundry, dry cleaning and pressing service too. The cost to use these services varies depending on which cruise line you are travelling with; luxury cruise lines often include the charges in your fare, as do those with which you are sailing on a lengthy itinerary such as a world sector. Where chargeable, costs will be listed on a price list in your room, with the charges billed to your on board account.

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