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Lost Property

Most cruise lines offer a lost property service, with lost property policies varying between cruise lines.

If you do lose an item whilst on board and do not realise until you have returned home, you should contact the cruise line directly. A dedicated email address or telephone number for the lost property department can usually be found on the operator’s website. Alternatively, Bolsover Cruise Club is able to provide the relevant information if required.

You will be required to provide details including the ship you have sailed on, your booking reference, the cruise number where appropriate, the full name of all guests in your party, your cabin number when on board, a description of the lost item and relevant contact information for the cruise line to get in touch with you. If your item is located, most cruise lines with charge an admin or postage charge for it to be returned to you.

If you have lost an item on board and realise during your cruise, you must visit reception/guest relations immediately to raise the issue with them, so that they may begin tracking down your item. If they are unable to do so prior to your departure, a member of the land team will stay in touch with regular updates on the situation.

Some items, such as medication, toiletries, perishables and items deemed unsuitable to be stored will be found and disposed of.

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