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What’s included?

What’s included in your cruise fare?

What is included in your cruise fare is a question asked time and time again. Fare inclusions vary from cruise line to cruise line so it is always best to query this with your Cruise Expert when enquiring or making a booking, however most operators do follow similar lines. Some cruise lines such as Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Silversea offer an all-inclusive experience with everything included in the fare, including speciality restaurants and gratuities.

The majority of cruise lines will include the following in your cruise fare:

  • Full board accommodation
  • All onboard entertainment
  • Sports facilities
  • Swimming pools
  • Children’s clubs and entertainment activities

Full board accommodation

Accommodation usually features fully air-conditioned staterooms, bathrooms with shower or bath/shower, twin or double beds, and in-room entertainment. Most staterooms feature fridges or mini bars too. Tea and coffee-making facilities are not included as standard, though some cruise lines sailing from the UK, such as P&O Cruises and Cunard, do incorporate these facilities within their ships.

In-stateroom entertainment facilities may vary depending on cruise line and ship, however almost all staterooms feature a TV. Modern cruise ships now offer interactive TVs with on-demand movies, TV shows, music and more. These TV’s also allow passengers to order room service and keep track of their on board accounts.

Full board dining

The full board offered by major cruise lines comprises breakfast, lunch and evening meal, with snacks throughout the day and night also included. Snacks may include the 24-hour buffet restaurant, pizzerias, grills, deck barbecues and poolside dining. Room service and afternoon tea, where offered by the cruise line, are usually included in your fare, though some items may incur an extra cost (this will be highlighted on the menu).

Speciality restaurants are a great way to sample incredible food for much less than you could expect to pay at home. Cruise lines including P&O Cruises and Royal Caribbean employ celebrity chefs to create speciality menus and even speciality restaurants on board, giving you the opportunity to eat their food for a reasonable rate. Cover charges for speciality restaurants start from as little as £5 per person.

Most cruise lines limit inclusive beverages to tea, coffee, fruit juice and water within the buffet and main restaurants. All other drinks in restaurants and bars on board will be charged to your on board account, unless you are travelling with an all-inclusive cruise line or have paid for a drinks package.


Inclusive entertainment usually comprises theatre shows, comedians and solo artists, live music in venues around the ship, cinema showings on board, casinos, card rooms and lecture/port talks.

A handful of entertainment options may incur an additional charge and this will always be advised prior to boarding.

Sports facilities/swimming pools

All modern cruise ships feature pool areas, with many offering a range of pools for adults, children and families to enjoy. Entry to all pools is included within your fare, with the exception of pools in retreat areas and the spa. Unless travelling with an all-inclusive cruise line, spa facilities are not included in your cruise fare. Entry to the spa and all treatments are chargeable, with rates varying between cruise lines. Saunas, steam rooms and whirlpools are usually included in your fare.

Where provided, gyms and state-of-the-art fitness facilities are included in your fare. Some fitness classes are also included, though others are at an additional charge.

Children’s clubs and entertainment

Children’s clubs are included in your fare, offering age-specific activities to children between two and 17 years, with ages varying depending on cruise line. Night nurseries are usually offered free of charge, though some cruise lines may charge after a certain time at night. Facilities and charges vary from cruise line to cruise line, so always speak to your Cruise Expert for more information.

Transfers and flights

If booked as part of a fly-cruise package, flights and transfers will be included in the cruise fare. Transfers to and from the ship are usually made by coach.

Shuttle buses from the ship to designated drop-off areas in port are not always included in your fare. Some cruise lines may include shuttle bus transfers when certain bookings are made, such as the Select Fare bookings with P&O Cruises. Please speak to your Bolsover Cruise Club Cruise Expert for more information on cruise fares featuring inclusive shuttle transfers.

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