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On board account

Almost all cruise lines now operate a cashless payment system on board their ships, with on board accounts directly linked to credit or debit cards instead. The only exception to the cashless system is the ship’s casino, where cash is also accepted in addition to your on board account (a small commission fee may be charged for adding casino chips to your account).

On board accounts are quick and easy to set up, with many cruise lines now offering you the option of setting up your account before departure, via an online cruise personaliser. Those who prefer to set up their on board account at the time of check-in are still able to do so.

Registering a card is a quick and easy process, with most cruise lines allowing you to register either a credit or debit card to your account. We advise always checking this with your Sales Consultant here at Bolsover Cruise Club, as cruise lines including Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International only accept credit cards. It is possible for someone who is not travelling to register their card for use on behalf of a passenger, however this will only be allowed if the card owner is present at check in, with the travelling passengers, as the cruise line will need their permission and a signature. Alternatively, on board credit may be purchased before travel via cruise personalisers as a gift option.

Most cruise lines allow the registration of one card per cabin, though more may be permitted if two passengers are sharing a cabin but wish to have separate accounts. Once your credit or debit card has had its details registered to your account, your key card (or Sea Band on board Royal Caribbean’s Quantum class ships) will act as your payment method during your time on board. Crew will swipe your key card or request your room number and a signature, with all purchases added to your on board account.

Please note that children will be able to use their key cards to make purchases. It is possible to apply spending limits to accounts to prevent large amounts being spent, though this can only be done once on board your ship. It is the sole responsibility of the child’s parent or guardian to monitor spending.

Your on board account may be viewed at reception throughout your stay, with many modern ships now offering the facility to view your account on the interactive TV in your stateroom too. At the end of your cruise, an itemised bill will be delivered to your stateroom detailing all on board expenditure. The total amount will be taken from your account on departure day, though monies spent throughout your cruise will be allocated immediately and held in your bank account. Passengers wishing to settle their on board account in cash must do so upfront, ensuring that reception is provided with adequate cash to cover purchases each day of your cruise.

Travellers cheques are not accepted.

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