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Smoking Policies

Smoking policies vary from cruise line to cruise line, though smoking in cabins and on balconies is generally no longer permitted.

Most cruise lines allocate smoking areas around the ship, including outdoor smoking areas on open decks and indoor public spaces, such as Churchill’s Cigar Lounge on board Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess. All smoking areas will be clearly signposted and indicated on cruise ship deck plans.

All indoor smoking areas are located close to entertainment areas such as the casino, with all smoking confined to closed areas of the ship, away from thoroughfares where non-smokers may be affected.

Policies on electronic cigarettes also vary from cruise line to cruise line, though most operators prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in all public areas.  This also applies to e-cigarettes that do not emit smoke. The use of e-cigarettes in staterooms, on balconies and in designated smoking areas is permitted.

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