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Corkage Fees

While the quantity varies from cruise line to cruise line, two bottles of wine are often permitted.

The consumption of personal alcohol is usually allowed in your own stateroom, although most cruise lines will charge a corkage fee if you would like to consume the alcohol in any of the ship’s dining venues. The corkage fee charged varies between cruise lines, with some providing corkage free of charge and others charging up to $25. This fee is per item, per occasion. Cruise lines may allow some flexibility with regard corkage for guests who are celebrating special occasions on board, such as a wedding or renewal of vows.

While most cruise lines do allow wine and champagne to be brought on board at embarkation, very few permit passengers to bring alcohol purchase in port on board for consumption throughout the length of the cruise. Guests are welcome to purchase alcohol in port, though it will usually be stored by the ship’s crew and given back to guests at the end of their cruise. This often also applies to alcohol that is purchased from the on board shops.

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