Drink Packages

Drink Packages

More and more cruise lines are offering drinks packages and they can be a very cost-effective solution if you want to avoid big bills at the end of your cruise; by arranging a drinks package in advance, you can drink for the duration of your cruise without worry. Prices vary and many cruise lines offer drinks packages as incentives for early bookings and other special campaigns. Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises are amongst those who offer exceptionally good value packages when compared to buying each drink individually. Royal Caribbean also offer free refill packages for kids, something that can save a considerable amount of money when travelling with multiple children over a two week cruise.

Drinks packages range from just soft drinks to just alcohol, or a combination of the two. Some cruise lines also offer wine packages, comprising white, red and often rose. Beverage packages including a combination of soft drinks, beers, ciders, wines and spirits are also available on many cruise ships.

The majority of cruise lines offer tiered drinks packages, from soft drinks at cheaper rates for children, to basic drink packages and then premium packages. Premium packages usually include premium branded spirits and champagnes, whilst basic packages vary between house spirits and some brands.

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