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On Board Credit

On board credit is often received as part of a booking promotion or loyalty benefit, or perhaps as a gift from family and friends towards enjoying yourself on holiday. Your Bolsover Cruise Club Sales Consultant will be able to advise whether you are eligible for on board credit when confirming your booking and the final amount will also be shown on your booking confirmation documents.

The credit applies to your personal on board account and will be deducted from the final itemised bill received at the end of your cruise. On board credit is non-refundable and any outstanding amount will be lost if not used before the end of your holiday.

On board credit can be used to purchase goods and services on board including:

» Shop purchases

» Salon treatments and services

» Spa treatments and services

» Shore excursions (when booked on board)

» Beverages

» Speciality restaurant cover charges

» Gratuities

» Photography services

» Laundry and dry cleaning

» Internet and telephone charges

On board credit cannot be used to purchase the following goods and services:

» Purchases made prior to getting on board

» Visa requirements

» Medical facilities on board

» Foreign currency purchases

» Casino chips or credits

» Future cruise payments

» Artwork

Restrictions on the application of on board spend may vary depending on which cruise line you are travelling with. Please speak to your Bolsover Cruise Club Sales Consultant for clarification.

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