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The check-in process for a cruise holiday is much simpler than that of a flight and is usually far quicker too, with no need to arrive at the terminal hours ahead of travelling.

Cruise lines sailing from the UK usually allocate a check-in time slot for passengers, which will be highlighted on your ticket. It is possible to speak to the cruise line and have this time altered if required. While you won’t be turned away if you arrive outside of your allocated slot, you may be required to wait a little longer than usual to board.

Once at the terminal, your checked baggage will be taken from you, with porters and cabin stewards delivering it directly to your stateroom. There may be a slight delay between boarding the ship and receiving your luggage, so it is important to pack your hand luggage carefully with anything you may need in those first few hours.

Once at the check-in desk inside the terminal, a staff member will take your documentation from you and check your passport. They will then take a photograph of each passenger in your party and apply the image to the individual’s cruise card. This will act as their room key and card for making purchases on board. Following check-in, all guests will be directed towards security, where you must empty all pockets before walking through the scanners.

Passengers who are travelling on a fly-cruise and have booked flights or transfers through the cruise line will be greeted at the airport following their flight, and will be directed to their coach, taxi or private transfer, depending on the option chosen at the time of booking. Passengers making their own flight arrangements will be required to make their own way from the airport to the cruise terminal.

A specific check-in time does not usually apply for fly-cruise sailings, as this depends on flight times, however the cruise line will always endeavour to allow passengers plenty of time between arrival and departure.

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