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Fly Cruises

A Fly-Cruise is the perfect way to see more distant destinations in a limited space of time. Your holiday will begin the moment you land in your exotic destination, with a short pre-cruise stay providing the chance to acclimatise and see more of the area surrounding the port before you join your ship.

Fly-Cruising is a great option for sun-seekers who prefer to hit the Sun Deck the moment they board the ship. Cruising from the UK is incredibly convenient, but a fly-cruise means you’re almost guaranteed some sun from the moment you step off the plane. Fly-cruising also allows you to visit destinations much further afield, such as the Middle EastFar EastUSA and Caribbean, and you will often visit more ports, enjoy more overnight stays and spend less time at sea too.

Hotel and airport parking packages for fly cruises can be arranged by Bolsover Cruise Club with our key partner, Holiday Extras. Please speak to your Sales Consultant if you would prefer us to arrange this on your behalf. Alternatively, passengers may book hotel and airport packages independently by visiting the Holiday Extras site via this link.

Some cruise lines, including P&O Cruises and Cunard, regularly offer free airport parking for fly-cruises, though this depends on promotions at the time of booking and is not guaranteed.

Flight carriers vary depending on your cruise operator, with some cruise lines offering scheduled flights, whilst others offer charter flights. You will receive flight details as soon as we receive your flight confirmation from the cruise operator with whom you are travelling. Our Sales Consultants will always offer a choice of flights for world cruise sectors and Princess Exotics itineraries.

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