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Pre Registering for P&O Cruises

Bolsover Cruise Club specialises in pre-registrations for new cruise campaigns and as the Top UK Independent Agent for P&O Cruises for 30 consecutive years, our pre-registration process is the best in the business.

When new season programmes are due to go on sale in the near future, our Cruise Experts are able to offer Cruise Club Members the opportunity to pre-register. This means you can call us on 01246 819 819  before the programme goes on sale to discuss itineraries, pricing and cabin choices; we have all the information you need to make your pre-registration, ready for your booking to be confirmed the minute systems open on the day itineraries go on sale. Alternatively just fill in the P&O Cruises pre-registration form and we will call you back to complete your booking as the phone lines can be busy when the itineraries are launched.

We will take details of your three preferred cabin choices and your dining preferences, plus your card details, before confirming on our systems the moment your chosen cruise goes on sale. Once confirmed, your Cruise Expert will advise you which cabin has been booked, before the booking is sent to our administration department for the usual documentation processes to be carried out.

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