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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must whenever you holiday abroad and cruise lines will not allow you to travel on board without it. Fortunately, organising your travel insurance is a really quick and easy process, with the help of our travel insurance partner Holiday Extras.

Holiday Extras offer excellent value travel insurance on a range of policies, including insurance for cruising, winter sports, golfing, wedding cover and even hazardous activities. In addition to free insurance for travellers aged under 18’s, Holiday Extras also offer policies to cover pre-existing medical conditions, along with the dedicated Holiday Extras Latitudes service, catering specifically for travellers who are over the age of 85 or who have been previously denied travel insurance following medical screening.

The first stage in arranging travel insurance is to decide between a single trip or annual cover policy. You will also need to ensure you include cruise cover when taking out your travel insurance.

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