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Packing for your Cruise

Packing for a cruise is much like packing for a land-based holiday, only you’ll need a little more planning when it comes to making sure you have clothing for all eventualities. Take a look at our blog for our best packing hints and tips. This handy packing checklist will also help ensure that you don’t leave those necessities at home and end up forking out crazy prices at the airport.

Packing for a Mediterranean cruise

fly-cruise takes you straight to the sun so you can slip into your warm weather holiday clothes from the minute you step foot on board. Swimwear, shorts and light separates are a must, as are sunglasses, sun cream and your holiday read. If your itinerary takes you to destinations such as Monte Carlo, you may consider packing some smart attire in case you decide to pay a visit to somewhere formal, such as the Grand Casino in Monaco.

Packing for a Caribbean cruise

Packing for the Caribbean is much like packing for the Mediterranean. Shorts, dresses and separates will see you through hot summer days and warm nights, but bear in mind that many cruise lines do not allow shorts to be worn in the main dining rooms under any circumstances.

Packing for a Middle East or Far East cruise

The weather in the Middle East is incredibly hot, compared to what we are used to at home. It is important to pack thin layers that can be worn to protect your skin at the hottest times of day and to meet cultural requirements with regard the amount of skin on show. The weather in the Far East is often hot and humid, though rain storms can occur, so you’ll need to throw a lightweight jacket in your luggage just in case.

Packing for Baltic Sea cruises

Baltic destinations such as StockholmSt Petersburg and Copenhagen are usually considerably cooler than the Mediterranean, so you’ll need to pack a little heavier than you would for the sun just in case. Light jumpers and jeans are easy to throw on if the weather turns cool, with jeans capable of being dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Thick jackets are needed for winter cruises to the Baltic Sea and popping an umbrella in your bag is never a bad thing.

Whatever your itinerary, you’ll need to pack:

Long sleeved tops and trousers to cover up for visits to religious or sacred sites

A light jacket and sweater – nights at sea can be chilly, even in the Caribbean! If you’re travelling to Northern Europe or Alaska you’ll need something substantially heavier.

Comfortable footwear for excursions, walking tours and getting from the ship to the attractions

A hat is a must to provide sun protection in hot destinations

Hand Luggage

Ensuring you have well-packed hand luggage can make your first day on board one of your best. We always recommend taking a change of clothes and other items you need to freshen up after a long plane journey. It is also important to pack any medications in your hand luggage so that it can be kept with you at all times, even in the unlikely event that your checked luggage is lost or delayed.

Packing your swimsuit or shorts is a trick we always suggest; many people put these items in their checked luggage and have to wait until cases are delivered to their stateroom before they can change. Have yours to hand and you can enjoy an almost empty pool!

Luggage Allowances

Your luggage allowance depends on what type of cruise you are doing. Sailing to and from the UK? Great! There are no restrictions on the number of bags you can bring on board, so pile them up but remember that each individual piece of luggage should not exceed 23kg for health and safety reasons.

If you’re embarking on a fly-cruise holiday, the luggage allowance will fluctuate depending on which airline you are travelling with and where you are travelling to. Charter flights and scheduled international flights usually operate a luggage allowance of between 20-23kg per person, in addition to one item of hand luggage. If your fly-cruise incorporates internal domestic flights, through India, the Far East or Africa for example, then you’ll need to bear these luggage restrictions in mind too. Don’t worry, your cruise consultant will confirm the necessary information regarding luggage allowances at the time of booking!

Luggage labels will be provided within your holiday information pack, alternatively some cruise lines now use an e-ticket service enabling you to download and print your own luggage labels at the ticketing stage. Those who opt to use the cruise line’s e-service will receive notification via email when holiday documentation is available, including the option to print your own luggage labels from approximately 40 days before sailing.

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