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Adult-Only Cruising

If you love the idea of grown-up conversation and undisturbed sunbathing, an adult-only cruise holiday is exactly what you need. Honeymooners, solo travellers and those who have had kids finally fly the nest are just some of the people you’re likely to meet on a trip where sea days pass in absolute peace.

P&O Cruises, Saga and Viking Ocean all offer adult-only cruising, while many other cruise lines, including Royal CaribbeanCelebrity Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line, incorporate serene designated ‘adult-only’ areas on board their ships. Pool areas are often divided into adult, family and kid’s categories, with specific areas reserved for use by adults-only.

Guests who are travelling without children but who do not want to limit themselves to adult-only ships, are recommended to avoid peak children’s holiday times and look at more exotic or longer itineraries. Despite having no adults-only ships, cruise lines including Fred Olsen are known to operate adult-only itineraries.

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