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Luxury Cruising, Exclusively For You

Imagine stepping aboard your ultra-luxury cruise ship, joining the champagne set and revelling in all-suite accommodation, world-class dining, exclusive shore excursions, personal butler service and caviar parties under moonlit skies.

Luxury cruising brings everything you would expect from the best hotels in the world and puts it on the Seven Seas. From the comfort of your luxury abode, you’ll set sail to the world’s most exclusive destinations, unpacking just once and experiencing new sights every single day.

It isn’t only Michelin-standard dining and plush all-suite accommodation that differentiates five and six-star luxury cruise ships from the rest. We travel to see the world through new eyes and luxury travel promises that every experience has been carefully curated to show you more of what every destination has to offer. Complimentary excursions are almost always included within your fare. From hiking around the base of Alaska’s Exit Glacier to sampling craft breweries in New England and watching an exclusive performance by the ‘Three Tenors’ at the Goldoni Theatre in Livorno; there’s no better way to experience a destination than on a tailor-made excursion created just for you.

Smaller ships not only promise a more intimate experience with like-minded travellers, but also mean access to secluded ports that are beyond the reach of larger ships. This is the new modern luxury, where no experience is as valuable as exploring off-the-beaten-track destinations far away from the madding crowd.

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