The pioneering new Silversea ship, Silver Moon, is set to sail in less than a month’s time, when she’ll head for the Greek Isles, Israel and Cyprus. With the ship’s arrival comes S.A.L.T., a unique gastronomic experience created to connect travellers to their destinations through the lens of food and drink. Behind the concept are three dedicated venues devoted to taste and terroir in all its sensations; the creator behind them shares some of the details behind how their design is intrinsic to the success of S.A.L.T, arguably the most exciting culinary concept to arrive at sea for years.

Silver Moon’s S.A.L.T. venues are entirely new. What was the concept behind this innovative project?

The brief was about finding a balance between land and sea, bringing the two together through world of culinary influences. Looking at the brief, we did not want to position everything around one smaller room, instead it was to be a much larger and more in-depth experience with spaces woven around destinations, people, traditions and food. Each space needed a bespoke design with a clear connection, driven by the overall flow: the taste of sea and land. Tactile and surprising in their design, the spaces needed to bring to life places and personalities, and be experiences within themselves.

What value will the S.A.L.T. venues bring to guests

Guests will have the opportunity to connect to the destination and other guests through food, drink and the stories around them. It is about creating an enriching experience from dining to cooking that brings people together, creating social moments. Rather than focusing on star chefs, the guests will have real, authentic food that will transport them on a journey of discovery from port to port. This journey is reflected in the design itself, with lots of unique objects and arts & crafts pieces that draw on influences from all over the world. The color palettes used enhance the guest journey with lighter tones for the communal areas and cooking spaces at S.A.L.T Lab; rich details and accents in the main restaurant, S.A.L.T Kitchen and a darker, more mysterious feel for S.A.L.T Bar, seamlessly taking them from day to night.

Did you face any problems in bringing the project to life during this challenging period?

The innovative nature of this brief meant there was a huge amount of excitement and enthusiasm from the team involved. This excitement, coupled with the concepts integrity drove the development phase of the design without any issues.

What makes Silver Moon different to all other cruise ships?

Certainly the S.A.L.T program, as this really is something new for the world of cruise. Creating a synergy between the different venues that evolves from day to night, and having such a sociable element with the culinary experiences is completely unique. Reflecting the adventures on land, the S.A.L.T concept will take guests on a ‘journey of discovery from port to port,’ with exclusive culinary experiences that change with each new destination.

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