APT Travelmarvel has welcomed a number of brand new destinations to its itineraries, offering guests even more options for their cruise and tour adventures. Egypt, Jordan and Israel will feature for the first time in 2022 and 2023.

Departures will begin in September 2022 and include an eight-day land and cruise itinerary that takes holidaymakers right into the heart of Egypt. Treasures of Egypt and the Nile includes the Giza Pyramids, as well as a four-night Nile cruise on board MS Royal Lily.

Another option is the 15-day Treasures of Egypt and the Nile with Hidden Jordan. This follows the same itinerary as above, with an additional seven days in Jordan. Guests will visit the historic site of Petra, and enjoy a four-wheel drive adventure at Wadi Rum. A hands-on dining experience at Petra Kitchen is also included.

For a 19-day trip, Treasures of Egypt, Hidden Jordan and Israel incorporates an extra four days in Israel. Experiences on this journey include a special lunch where guests will sample falafel, and learn about its role in the traditional Israeli household.

Paul Melinis, APT’s UK and Europe Managing Director, said: “Following the successful reception of Croatia when we introduced it as a new offering for this season, we’re very excited to build on the momentum and unveil our next new destinations, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

“With three different itineraries, and a fantastic extension, guests can choose the number of countries and length of trip that suits them. We polled our customers at the end of last year, and they made it clear that they were interested in exploring more exotic destinations with APT and Travelmarvel, so we have delivered.”

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