APT will be bringing two new additions to its fleet of river cruise ships in 2025: the APT Solara and APT Ostara.

Designed in Australia by multi-award-winning, world-renowned architects Hecker Guthrie, the sister ships will be masterpieces of modernity, drawing inspiration from Europe’s waterways and harnessing the unpretentious ease of Australian-style luxury. 

Cutting-edge technology and the structural optimisation of space and light artfully balance the elegant design and meticulous attention to detail. These ultra-luxury floating hotels will redefine the brand, cementing APT’s elevation into the ‘ultra-luxury’ category. Solara and Ostara will be deployed on APT’s most popular European itineraries from Spring 2025, transporting guests along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers in unprecedented comfort and style.

The new ships will also usher in a new standard in environmental sustainability, with a keen emphasis on fuel efficiency, energy optimisation, and waste reduction. With a limited guest capacity of 154 serviced by a dedicated crew of 60, an extraordinary level of service is guaranteed.

In terms of dining, each ship will boast six world-class, all-inclusive options. Guests can choose from the main restaurant, a luxury wine cellar, a tranquil conservatory, a casual dining space, a rear-positioned exclusive restaurant, and rooftop dining. The convenience of in-suite dining is also available. The sun deck invites relaxation with a heated pool, open-air dining, and a lounge area. The ships will further impress with three meticulously designed, plush suites categories: Twin Window Suites, Balcony Suites, and the exclusive Owner’s Suites.

Paul Hecker of Hecker Guthrie captures the essence of the design, stating, “One of the particularly lovely things in this design is there are lots of places to go to. Guests don’t just have to head to the ‘main lounge’. We are creating many opportunities for guests to find their space, be it reading nooks or spaces where you can observe the action and engage as and when you choose. We want guests to have as many options as possible.”

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