Travel to the United States has been made simpler, as the country reverses the need to provide a negative Covid test on arrival. The change came into force on 12 June 2022 as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention acknowledged that the pandemic “has now shifted to a new phase”. It highlighted that uptake of the Covid vaccine and infection-induced immunity have both contributed to a reduced risk of severe disease across the nation.

“CDC continues to recommend that those travellers boarding a flight to the US| get tested for current infection with a viral test as close to the time of departure as possible (no more than three days) and not travel if they are sick,” the official body noted.

Previously, passengers needed to show evidence of a negative test result – or documentation showing they had recovered from Covid – before entering the US.

This is the latest in a long list of countries to have eased their Covid restrictions. Recently, the likes of Italy, Greece and Mexico made it simpler for overseas visitors to enter, while Barbados announced it would no longer require vaccinated travellers to present a negative test on arrival.