Brand-new luxury cruise line Explora Journeys has revealed details of just some of the shore experiences that will be available on its first ship, EXPLORA I, ahead of the official launch this summer.

A total of eight individual sailings will debut as part of the Northern European Inaugural Journeys Collection, which includes a number of well-known and lesser-frequented ports of call. The destination experiences are designed to bring cruisers closer to the areas they are visiting, through natural encounters, authentic cultural events and culinary expertise.

Each tour will operate with a maximum capacity of 25 guests, with a particular emphasis on off-the-beaten-path encounters and a slower pace of travel.

Among the highlights will be a journey to the remote Grimsey Island while EXPLORA I is docked in the Icelandic port of Akureyri. From here, guests will be able to enjoy its rich wildlife and spectacular landscape.  In the Netherlands, Explora Journeys has curated a private after-hours visit to the Mauritshuis in Rotterdam guided by an expert curator.

In Greenland, guests can enjoy thrills or relaxation in Qaqortoq, where the options include a helicopter tour with a landing on a glacier, or a trip to the Uunartoq Hot Springs for a dip in the sumptuously warm waters.

Sacha Rougier, the Head of Itinerary Planning and Destination Experiences at Explora Journeys, noted: “Our selected tour operators have been hand-picked and quickly realised that we at Explora Journeys want to clearly differentiate ourselves, by offering our guests an extremely wide range of experiences that go to the root of each destination.”

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