They may be more used to making guests smile from onboard ships stationed around the world but with operations paused in wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Fred. Olsen’s famously friendly crew members have come together to lift spirits from their individual homes around the world with a moving rendition of ‘Heal the World’. 

Crew members from across many departments aboard Balmoral, Black Watch and Braemar organised the recording of the Michael Jackson classic between themselves, recording their individual segments from home. The collaboration was instigated by Lawrence Calderon, orchestra pianist on board Balmoral, who said: 

“Making the video was appropriate since most of us are just staying home. This is our way of raising awareness, and sending positive vibes to everyone during these trying times.

“We all pray the world will heal.” 

Sammie Firbanks, Singer and Entertainment host aboard Braemar, who features in the video, said:

“The idea came from talented musician Lawrence Calderon who is part of one of the Fred. Olsen orchestras. He reached out to crew members that he knew enjoyed singing and asked us all to video ourselves singing ‘Heal the World’. A very appropriate song for the world we are living in right now.

“The message we are trying to portray is that if everyone stays at home we can heal the world and beat COVID-19.

“We also wanted to thank all the people that can’t stay at home; the key workers and front liners and, of course, a special mention to all crew members who have been working on board during this time.

“We hope that this message will reach as many people as possible. The quicker we can fight it, the quicker we will be back.”

Watch the video now on Lawrence’s YouTube page here: