Grand Prix weekend in Monaco is the highlight of the F1 calendar. But even when the smell of burnt rubber subsides and the railings are removed, Monaco remains the ultimate destination for a boys’ day out. Here are the experiences you shouldn’t miss, from arriving by helicopter a la Lewis Hamilton to yacht spotting and window shopping for supercars.

Boys’ Day Out In Monaco…

10AM: Nice to Monaco, by helicopter

With the headset on, you have lift off. The helicopter turns to face the Mediterranean Sea, before soaring over the edge of the coast and over the deepest blue. Within a few minutes, Monaco appears stacked on the hillside, the ‘H’ of a helipad growing as you near the horizon for a perfectly executed landing. And that is what we call an airport transfer…

12PM: Spot the yacht in Port Hercules

When the millionaires aren’t arriving into the playground of the rich and famous by helicopter it’s usually because they are sailing in on some of the most expensive yachts on earth instead. Monaco is a yacht spotter’s paradise at any time of year but the peacocking comes to a head in October, when the Monaco Yacht Show sees the rich list battle it out for the title of ‘hottest yacht in the harbour’.

Yachts docked in Port de Fontvieille, Principality of Monaco

2PM: Snoop at Prince Rainier’s private car collection

Who wouldn’t like a look inside the garage of a prince? Fortunately for us, Prince Rainier III’s classic car collection is so large that is has long since outgrown his garage. Now the car crazy can pay €6.50 to see more than 100 classic cars, from American beauties like the Lincoln Double Phaeton to supercharged Bugattis and even Princess Grace of Monaco’s mint-green Renault Floride. F1 fanatics will be impressed by Lewis Hamilton’s 2007 McLaren, while dad will go wild for Nigel Mansell’s Grand Prix-winning Ferrari.

4PM: Round the chicane

The motoring mad are in their element in Monaco, home of the most famous track on the F1 calendar. Despite being the shortest and slowest race on the Grand Prix schedule, it is arguably the most anticipated too. Follow the snaking track around the principality, starting at the Fairmont Hairpin, the world’s most famous bend.

rand Prix street circuit. Monaco

7PM: Grab a beer at Stars ‘n Bars

Stars ‘n Bars is the place to be for an early evening beer overlooking the harbour. The All-American hangout is a favourite with the A-list locals too, so don’t be surprised if you spot your  F1 Hero in the booth opposite.

9PM: Flirt with Lady Luck at Casino de Monte Carlo

Follow the steady stream of supercars to Casino de Monte Carlo, where the red-carpeted steps have welcomed James Bonds and billionaire playboys alike. Grab a Peroni and people watch from Café de Paris, before heading up the steps into the casino. You’ll need to dress the part to go inside the gaming rooms but risking it all on red in what is perhaps the most famous casino in the world is an experience you won’t forget.

Is a boys’ day out in Monaco on your bucket list? Book a Monaco Grand Prix cruise or a summer cruise to the Mediterranean; the journey from Nice to Monaco for a day trip is a breeze!

Grand Casino in Monaco

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