Mixed Feelings

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By Nicola Fountain on 27 August 2019

This was our first ever cruise, we travelled as a young family two adults (in our 30’s) and two teenagers for two weeks on Oceana (E917c).

The itinerary was fantastic, great ports of call and well organised trips, the downside was that the ship seemed far too overcrowded, too many people everywhere, standing room only in the evening shows, long waits for a table on freedom dining (upto 1hr30mins), once in the restaurant we were frequently sat waiting for over an hour for our main to arrive after our starter, it was also very hard to find a wine waiter to order a drink. I don’t want to get started about the lifts, I feel like we’ve trained for an Olympic event going up from deck 5 to deck 14 daily, when a lift did eventually come to us, it was 9 times out of 10 always full. The bar staff by the main pool area were totally miserable, I can’t even justify this by saying it was only now and again, it was every time we were served.

Zero customer service finished with a slamming of a pen and receipt for you to sign. Sea days were akin to sardines in a tin, I appreciate that everyone is on board and that we all want to sunbathe, but there just simply isn’t the room for everyone. On a much more positive note, our cabin was great, much bigger than we anticipated and we loved waking up looking out of the window to a different view, we couldn’t fault the room or our cabin steward! We loved the atrium area, very grand and spacious! We have left with mixed feelings as the issues of Oceana’s unhappy staff and overcrowding tainted our experience, that said though a two week holiday in one place may now seem quite boring.

By Nicola Fountain on 27 August 2019

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