Whether your retirement is just around the corner, or is still a distant speck on the horizon, it should be something to enjoy. Not only do you get the chance to free yourself from the shackles of working life, you can also get to make the most of opportunities you otherwise miss with a 9-5 – however, your retirement isn’t necessarily something to just experience at home.

As providers of quality cruises from several leading liners, like P&O CruisesRoyal Caribbean InternationalCunard and more, we wondered what it would be like to retire on such cruises, rather than on land. We also considered what you’d be able to do on such a cruise to make your golden years at sea the reward you deserve.

So, with this in mind, we did the research to find the answers.

The Costs

Firstly, we looked at the finer details around the costs of retiring on a cruise. This included key information like the overall price, what monthly savings would be required to afford it, as well as a few cruise highlights passengers could make the most of along the way.

Take a look at our results in full below:

Our Research

In order to come up with these results, we had to do the maths. We calculated the costs based on the average UK wage of £26,500 with 2.5% annual inflation, against our costs rising with a 1.5% annual inflation.

Next, we took industry estimates on the average life expectancies, retirement ages and the annual costs of retirement, factoring in 1.5% annual inflation. We also took these figures against a person starting full-time work at the age of 22.

Retiring on a Cruise vs Retiring on Land

While costs and savings is all well and good, we also appreciated that a retirement cruise should include plenty of things to do. So, we looked at what’s included in deals from the likes of P&O Cruises and Cunard to put together a 12-month itinerary from May to May.

What we quickly found was a wealth of different benefits and advantages to retiring on a cruise that you wouldn’t get on land. What’s more, these lucky retirees would get to travel the world – which would certainly beat sitting in your living room on a rainy afternoon.

Below you can see just what you could get for your money on our retirement cruise.

Find out more about living on a cruise ship permanently

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