If you’re considering a cruise for one, the most remote place on the planet probably won’t be the first destination that comes to mind. Fewer than 40,000 people cruised to Antarctica last year; a number than seems even less significant when you take into account the 20 million-plus people who enjoyed a cruise holiday in the last 12 months. Here’s why the White Continent should be top of your solo cruise list.

The ultimate ‘once-in-a-lifetime’

‘Once-in-a-lifetime’ is a term thrown around haphazardly these days but the Antarctic is unlike anywhere you have ever cruised to before, or will ever cruise to again; the term ‘ticking off the bucket list’ just doesn’t do justice to this incredible place. It could be that you have always wanted to experience an expedition to the region, an ambition that isn’t shared by your significant other, or it could just be that you’re determined to have the most amazing adventure on your own in 2017/18. Whatever the reasoning, a cruise to the Antarctic will do nothing short of exceeding your expectations.

Explore Antarctica

A guaranteed shared interest

The great thing about solo cruising is that you can be as introverted or outgoing as you choose to be; it’s your holiday after all. The beauty of cruising to Antarctica alone is that you are guaranteed to have at least one thing in common with every single person on board – a sense of adventure – so you’ll never be short of things to talk about. Expedition cruisers are inevitably well-travelled too, with stories that make evenings in the lounge or bar almost as entertaining as time spent ashore. Meal times on board expedition and exploration ships almost always operate on an open-seating basis too, and you’ll never be short of something to talk about when your days are spent walking with King Penguins and spotting families of Orca whales in the inky waters. Such amazing shared experiences are guaranteed to ignite friendships that’ll last long beyond disembarkation.


Antarctica cruise

The easy option

Travelling the world alone can be daunting. Whether you are single or simply taking the opportunity to see the world without your significant other on this occasion, going it alone can take guts. Cruising has long been recognised as the perfect way for solo travellers to holiday; itineraries are planned for you, including the practicalities such as flights, hotels, transfers and dining arrangements, making it the most stress-free way to travel. It is all but impossible to visit Antarctica independently, regardless of how much of an intrepid traveller you consider yourself to be, which is why adventures by exploration ship are such a great option. All you need to do is book, pack and turn up at the airport.



Single supplements are the only downside to solo cruising. However, with such a large proportion of cruisers to the Antarctic travelling alone, exploration cruise lines such as Hurtigruten have acknowledged demand by offering a number of itineraries benefitting from NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT.

Hurtigruten is currently offering eight Antarctica 2017/18 sailings aboard the MS Midnatsol, all of which benefit from no single supplement. Itineraries include Adventure The Chilean Fjords and Antarctica, Adventure from Cape Horn to the Penguins of Antarctica and Southern Hemisphere Adventure; South America and Antarctica.

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