Prepare for an extraordinary holiday with the P&O Cruises summer 2026 collection. With exciting new itineraries, ports of call and experiences to be found, there is something for everyone.

Highlights of the P&O Cruises summer 2026 programme

Arvia and Iona present enticing seven-night cruises to Spain and France, perfectly complementing their Western Mediterranean itineraries.

Britannia introduces a 21-night journey to Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar, while also offering a new 14-night adventure in Iceland. 

Azura is preparing to whisk you away to new ports for fly-Mediterranean cruises, uncovering hidden gems begging to be explored.

Exclusively for adults ships Aurora and Arcadia are also due to set sail once more in the P&O Cruises 2026 summer collection. Aurora is due to embark on 21-night and 24-night cruises across the Mediterranean, while Arcadia promises a remarkable 30-night voyage through Canada and New England. Plus, there’s the special treat of sailing to Iceland and the British Isles during a Solar Eclipse in Isafjordur. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to sail to the Atlantic Coast aboard Ventura, with a unique call to El Ferrol timed to coincide with the Solar Eclipse. You can find out more about these extra-special sailings below.

P&O Cruises summer 2026 Solar Eclipse Sailings

A total eclipse is a rare event – the last one visible in UK skies occurred in 1999. Witnessing one is extraordinary; observing it from on board a P&O Cruises ship is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Two P&O Cruises ships will be ideally situated to experience the 2026 total eclipse: 

Ventura will be docked in El Ferrol, Spain, as part of her 14-night Spain & Portugal itinerary (N619), departing 8 August 2026.

In El Ferrol, nestled on the north-west coast of Spain, is where Ventura will be for the solar eclipse. It’s set to start at 7.30pm with the complete eclipse happening about an hour later, just before sunset descends.

Arcadia will find herself in Isafjordur, Iceland, during a 16-night voyage to Iceland (J610), departing 5 August 2026.

It’s in Isafjordur where Arcadia will be docked on the day of the eclipse, where it will begin at 4:42pm. The full eclipse is due to occur roughly an hour later and will be the first one observable in Iceland since 1954.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-registration is now open for the P&O Cruises summer 2026 collection. You can learn more about pre-registration here, or register your interest here.