Cruising is great for so many reasons, not least for giving a taste of a destination, whetting the appetite for further adventures. But what if you could extend your holiday just that little bit further, allowing you to take in those extra sights you’ve always wanted to see?

Whether your dream itinerary involves ticking off bucket list sights, embarking on wildlife adventures or enjoying as much R&R as you can possibly manage, there is a way to make it happen.

Since 2019, our Luxury Cruise & Stay team have helped many customers tailor their perfect break. If you are planning the trip of a lifetime, or would like to extend a family getaway for a few more precious days together, here are just some reasons why a Luxury Cruise & Stay holiday makes perfect sense.

1. World Class Hotels

If there is ever going to be a perfect pairing for a luxury cruise, it’s a stay in a world-class hotel. These establishments offer an unparalleled experience and are characterised by lavishly designed spaces, exceptional service, and a host of premium amenities. From elegant rooms fitted out with state-of-the-art features to fine dining restaurants that feature reputed chefs, expect your every whim to be catered for from the second you step into the lobby.

Staying in these hotels is not merely about the standard of the accommodation; it’s about savouring a sophisticated blend of luxury, comfort, and cultural immersion that elevates your travel experience to new heights.

Take Raffles in Singapore as an example, the true definition of an iconic hotel. Known for its distinctive colonial architecture and legendary hospitality, the hotel has a history dating back to 1887. Raffles features elegant suites, world-class dining experiences, and is the birthplace of the famous Singapore Sling cocktail, making it an integral part of Singapore’s rich cultural heritage.

2. Immersive Day Tours

A perfectly planned immersive day tour while on a cruise allows you to delve deep into a destination, enhancing your understanding of its culture, history and traditions. There are so many landscapes that lie beyond the deck of a cruise ship or the perimeter of a resort that sometimes you just have to engage your sense of adventure to really explore them.

It pays to travel with a true expert in their field, someone who knows a location like the back of their hand and can bring it to life, whatever that might entail. With their narratives and expertise, you’ll gain unique insights that may otherwise have gone undiscovered. You’ll engage with local communities and have itineraries tailored to your interests, ensuring a meaningful connection with the places you visit. The convenience of pre-arranged transport and the opportunity to savour local cuisine add to the attractiveness of these tours – expect to discover a blend of personal encounters, cultural immersion, and in-depth exploration.

One such sight is Machu Picchu, which lies front and centre of many people’s bucket lists. The views are spectacular as you ascend the Andean landscape, and with a knowledgeable guide by your side, will be led through the stone ruins and offered tales of the Incas that will help you visualise the past. Although the sight of this incredible ancient citadel is one to behold, there’s something quite special about exploring it in greater detail, making that once-in-a-lifetime trip even more memorable.

3. Upgrades

Sometimes it’s those little extras that make a holiday that bit more special; even before you board, the added benefits of chauffeur transfers, priority check-in and access to private lounges will ensure a stress-free travel experience. There’s no reason why you can’t make your journey to your destination even more comfortable. Business Class flights offer wide, reclining seats, finely curated meals and the best in-flight entertainment, ensuring you touch down rested and reinvigorated. On the other side, private transfers throughout your holiday provide a seamless experience without the hassle of planning how to get to each stop along the way.

On board Celebrity Cruises ships, upgrades don’t come much more special than The Retreat. This exclusive suite class offers unmatched amenities and personalised services, like a private sun deck for relaxed lounging, a chic 24/7 Retreat Lounge with gourmet beverages, and Michael’s Club where you can make the most of complimentary drinks.

Enjoy a dedicated Butler service which will to cater to your every need, and dine exclusively at Luminae, a private restaurant for Retreat guests. And as for your suite? It will be magnificently furnished with features such as a king-sized bed, luxury bathroom amenities, and a private veranda perfect for drinking in those unadulterated ocean views.

4. Land Programmes

Exploring destinations by sea is a great way to whet your appetite for further exploration, giving you a glimpse of a place in the hope that one day you may return to investigate it further. Adding a land programme to your voyage means you can see the best of a location, which in turn enables deeper exploration and cultural immersion.

Extended time affords you the ability to understand a country’s culture and history more intimately. Local guides provide unique insights, revealing hidden gems and offering personalised travel experiences that may have otherwise passed you by.

South Africa is a prime example. Cape Town is often the gateway to ports of call throughout the African continent, but is a magnificent destination in its own right. The Garden Route is one area worthy of deeper exploration, as it is dotted with charming towns, vineyards and more, offering a diversity of landscapes you’re unlikely to discover on a short stopover. And what is a trip to South Africa without some wildlife encounters? Elephants, buffaloes, lions and rhinos all call this part of the world home, and with a local guide by your side, seeing them in their natural habitat need not be a problem.

5. Personalisation

Personalisation is at the heart of any Luxury Cruise & Stay holiday. You are not limited to the sailing you have chosen, as you can adapt your entire experience to include pre- and post-cruise stays, tours to the sights you have always wanted to see, and even the finer details such as securing tickets for your chosen experience or attractions.

Take a Caribbean cruise as an example. You could prolong your time in paradise that little bit further by including a stay in St. Lucia, Antigua or Grenada, giving you the opportunity to explore your chosen island in greater detail. If you want to spend your days soaking up the sun, or delving deeper into the destination and its culture and traditions is higher on your priority list, a Luxury Cruise & Stay holiday will curate all those elements to create a holiday you love.

After all, everyone’s dream getaway is different. Regardless of whether you have a firm idea of what you want to see and do – or a little guidance wouldn’t go amiss – we can make it happen.

6. Dedicated team on the end of the phone

All the Luxury Cruise & Stay holidays we craft are only suggestions. Each one of these holidays are entirely customisable and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Want to extend your pre-cruise stay, or specify a certain hotel? Done. Want to enjoy that wonder of the world you’ve always had your eye on? Let us know.

You might like the sound of one element, but would rather swap out one of the included activities for something different. So long as we believe in the quality of the product, we will supply it – we pride ourselves on only working with providers we know can deliver the excellent service our customers rightly expect.

All that’s left to do now is take a look at the Luxury Cruise & Stay packages we’ve put together and see where your travel ambitions take you. Whether you want to cruise and stay – or even stay and cruise – our Luxury Cruise & Stay Experts are here to make it possible.