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Embark on a journey that takes in as much glitz and glamour as it does culture and relaxation. It's no wonder Mediterranean cruise holidays are such a popular choice! Whether you decide to fly to join your cruise, or take a cruise from Southampton, sailing through the Med is one of the best ways to see everything Southern Europe has to offer.

Western Mediterranean

From the southern shores of Portugal to the eye-catching coast of Italy, and all the ports and islands in between, a cruise across the Western Mediterranean offers a dazzling array of sights, sounds and holiday experiences. Discover the diversity of Spain, including the cosmopolitan Catalonian capital of Barcelona, home to some of the world’s most incredible architecture, inspiring museums and alluring food – not to mention the fine weather and the picturesque beaches! Sail across the shimmering sea to experience the Balearics, with a visit to its vivacious and vibrant islands such as Ibiza and Majorca, or cruise up along France’s Riviera coast, taking in the glamour of St Tropez, Cannes and Monte Carlo

The richness of culture, cuisine and coastal beauty continues as you progress to Corsica and Sardinia, where a laid back life among idyllic Mediterranean landscapes awaits. And then, of course, there's Italy. This treasure trove of history and heritage also provides unique style and gastronomic diversity, from ravioli and risotto to gelatos and tiramisu. Head to Florence for astonishing architecture and Michelangelo's masterpieces, visit Rome to learn about gladiators in the Coliseum and pontiffs in the Vatican, or discover the storied origins of the Pizza Margherita in the sunny southern city of Naples. Last but certainly not least, round off your Italian adventure with a tour of the volcanic island Sicily.

Eastern Mediterranean 

The diversity of Europe becomes even more apparent as you venture further east, with the Eastern Mediterranean displaying influences and traditions from Ancient Greece, the Middle East and Asia.

The easterly coast of Italy offers delights such as the northern canal city of Venice, while across the water, the isles dotting the Croatian coast showcase several of the Med's most beautiful beaches. Greece's Ionian Islands also offer pristine sands, as well as pretty port towns and villages. Cruising further east, past Cyprus, passengers can take in the diversity of Turkey's rich and ancient landscape. Unforgettable cruises along the Bosphorus Strait pass through Istanbul and lead to the Black Sea – a spectacular route that traverses a great continental crossroad, from Europe into Asia.

Still further south, Mediterranean cruisers can also discover the northern coast of Africa, with stops such as Tunisia and Egypt – a unique mix of traditional Med culture with Middle Eastern influences. 

Great Value Mediterranean

A cruise of the Mediterranean not only offers an amazing way to explore some of Europe’s most famous sights, it also offers one of the best value ways to see and do it all. Choose from a Mediterranean fly-cruise or join the ship and begin your journey from the UK. We have fantastic deals whichever you choose. 

Mediterranean cruises offer unrivalled variety, whether you discover the region on one long holiday or on several trips. Stay up-to-date with the best a Mediterranean cruise has to offer with our blogs and guides.

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