It’s a question asked time and time again: what is really included in a cruise line’s drinks package?

The promise of beers, spirits, cocktails, wines, coffee and more, all at an inclusive rate, is tempting to cruisers who are keen to avoid nasty surprises when presented with their on board account summary. The problem is, are those ‘great value’ packages really all that if the small print states that your beers will be akin to Bob’s home brew and that the spirits will be local versions only, intoxicating enough to have you swinging from the life buoy after a single measure and with ingredients strong enough to strip paint? Fortunately, cruise lines have become increasingly transparent with their drinks packages and they really are becoming a popular choice for travelers who are looking to stick to a budget whilst on board by paying for their beverages in advance.

In an attempt to discover whether drinks packages really do offer value for money, we decided to put Celebrity Cruises’ Classic Drinks Package to the test. With the cruise line offering a FREE Drinks Package worth up to $1,800* on selected sailings, it’s the perfect time to find out what you’re really getting for your money. Bottoms up!

Drinks Packages From Your Favorite Cruise Lines

If I’m up early to admire the port approach into Venice, I might as well enjoy a decent cup of coffee. Will I be paying for that, unless I’m willing to settle for instant?

Premium coffees and teas are included in Celebrity Cruises’ Classic Drinks Package, and what’s more, they are provided by Italy’s leading espresso company, Lavazza. With over 100 years’ experience, Lavazza know just how to make a great brew. Pay tribute to the destination of the day with an Italian blend of espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha or macchiato, or opt for a good old cuppa. You’ll find several blends on offer, including the elaborately named Vienna Cinnamon and Jasmine Green if you’re feeling fancy!


We’re in the Caribbean, chilling around the pool and nothing sounds better than a cool crisp beer. What are my options?

You’ll be relieved to hear that Bob’s Home Brew is nowhere in sight behind the bars of Celebrity Cruises’ various lounges, including the poolside bars. Your Classic Drinks Package covers beers up to $6 per serving and there’s quite the choice on offer, including:

» Bud Light

» Budweiser

» Coors Lite

» Miller Lite

» Heineken Light

» Heineken

» Corona

» Corona Light

» Strongbow

» Amstel

» Amstel Light

» Dos Equis

» Tiger

Plus John Smith’s Extra Smooth in the UK and three different Alaskan brews in Alaska!


The sun is shining and a steel band are providing a tropical soundtrack for the sailaway in St Kitts. It’s only right to celebrate with something exotic and I’m thinking a nice cold cocktail – umbrella, cherry and all. What’s on offer?

Where do we start! A Frozen Daiquiri would probably go down well after a hot day on the beach, but then again so would a Long Island Iced Tea. Saying that, a Tequila Sunrise would have you in the mood for dancing in no time, as would a Mai Tai. We say grab the cocktail list and taste your way through until you find a new favourite – cocktails and frozen drinks up to $8 per serving are included in the Classic Drinks Package and there are over 40 different choices on offer! Cheers!



Time to eat! Where do we stand in the way of wine? I fancy a nice crisp white to go with the chicken.

Your Classic Drinks Package includes wine-by-the-glass up to the value of $9 per serving, with house collections including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Pinot Noir, amongst others. You’ll received a 15% discount on all wines by the bottle too, including Celebrity’s prized reserve wine list and rare wine list.



Dinner was amazing! Now, I’m lounge-bound for something to wash it down. Will I recognise any of the spirits here tonight?

Just a few! Everyone’s favourite party starter, Jack Daniels, makes an appearance, as do Johnny Walker and Jim Beam. Gordon’s on standby and Captain Morgan is never one to turn down a stiff drink. Spirits and liquers up to the value of $8 per serving are included in the Classic Drinks Package, with 40 choices on offer. These include seven rums for a flavour of the Caribbean, four tequilas to get the party started, three gins calling out for a slice of cucumber and a splash of tonic and ten liquers for those fancying some sweet and creamy after dinner.



Alcohol and I have a love/hate relationship and I’m placing myself on a booze ban for the duration. Am I limited to fizzy pop and orange juice?

The Classic Drinks Package includes a whole range of non-alcoholic beverages, so you’ll find plenty of choice for when you’re laying off the alcohol too. In addition to the usual soda, fresh juices and bottled water, you’ll also have the opportunity to cool down with frozen drinks and smoothies.


Even when you add an 18% gratuity charge, the Celebrity Cruises Classic Drinks Package is amazing value at $55 a day. Book a cruise that includes a FREE Drinks Package and you’re laughing all the way to the bar!