Would You Cruise Into The Unknown With Saga?

Imagine boarding your Saga Cruises ship in Southampton, knowing that for the next 24 nights you will be sailing into the unknown. Not only will you not know where you’re headed when you book Captain Rentell’s Final Mystery Cruise, you’ll not find out a thing until you arrive in each port of call. If that doesn’t fuel your sense of adventure, nothing will.

Saga Cruises

For the smarty pants who think they can guess the destination based on where the sun sits in the sky, think again; changing course in the middle of the night is just one of the tactics employed by Captain Rentell to keep guests guessing. Satellite navigation tools might as well be left at home too; they’ll be confiscated if you’re caught using them. Tours to the bridge won’t unearth any secrets either, with the Captain and his crew careful to cover the instruments and hide the charts from prying eyes. All you can do is make yourself comfortable on board, make the most of Saga’s all-inclusive concept and await the announcement over the tannoy once the ship has berthed in port.


Saga Cruises were one of the first to introduce the ‘Mystery Cruise’ concept and whilst this is by no means a first for the cruise line, it is to be the last for Saga’s esteemed Captain Rentell. In taking a newly-refurbished Saga Sapphire to the seas on 7 November 2016, he will throw the rule book out of the porthole for one last time.

Saga’s all-inclusive concept and VIP door-to-door chauffer service should be more than enough to convince you to embark on the ultimate adventure this November, but here are five more great reasons, should you still need convincing.

chauffer service on a Saga Cruise holiday

» Nothing reignites your sense of adventure like the combination of excitement, adrenaline and trepidation at not knowing where you are headed. Perfect if you’re a seasoned cruiser in search of something new
» Saga Sapphire accommodates 720 passengers to its 415 crew and officers. With all of your fellow passengers, and most of the crew, as unaware of where you’re headed as you are, the buzz on board will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced on a cruise
» Whilst details of the exact itinerary are kept a closely-guarded secret, you can be sure that you’re destined for lesser-visited destinations and maiden ports of call
» A real sense of being ‘in it together’ makes Saga’s Mystery Cruise great for solo cruisers. You’re guaranteed plenty of conversation as you become embroiled in attempting to solve the mystery of where you are headed next


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